Dental Insurance 101

Learn how your dental plan works


If you have a tooth that’s infected, cracked, or broken, you may need a dental crown. Covering a damaged tooth with a crown lets you save as much of your tooth as possible.

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Dental networks

Most Asuris plans allow you to see any dental provider for services, but seeing a dentist in our provider network will help ensure you receive cost-effective, high-quality care.

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We like to think that our teeth will last a lifetime. They might, but sometimes we have to have a tooth pulled. Your teeth help you eat and they even define the shape of your face, so it’s understandable that we don’t look forward to dental extractions.

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Finding the right dentist for you

Choosing a dentist you like and trust is an important decision. Your dentist is part of your health care team and helps you keep your mouth healthy.

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Gum treatments

One of the most common oral health issues is gum disease. It’s also a major cause of tooth loss in adults.

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How your dental plan works

What do you get when you buy a dental plan? Just like health insurance, you get access to a network of dentists and coverage for care and treatment you receive.

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